Enterprise Content Management for Clinical Data

Implementing a new EMR system creates many challenges in organizations, including providing medical staff access to legacy patient data, maintaining outdated clinical applications and compliance challenges.  OpenText’s suite of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions can help you address all of these challenges.

As healthcare organizations transition to a next generation EHRs, acquire practices, and simply rationalize their applications portfolio, challenges remain with legacy clinical information.  Clinicians are demanding access to historical patient records and requests for records keep rolling in.  Health IT costs are soaring as legacy systems are kept alive solely for the patient information they contain. This leaves little left to invest in innovation and can negatively influence patient care.  By implementing an ECM solution, your organization can cost-effectively decommission obsolete clinical systems and integrate this information to the EHR to give clinicians seamless access to the complete patient record in a unified patient-centric view. And by retiring these legacy systems you become able to re-invest in innovation that improves patient care and process improvement.


• Significantly reduce OPEX and CAPEX costs with payback in as few as six months

• Recoup capital to fund innovation and health IT investments

• Preserve all forms of patient information in a standards-based architecture that can be leveraged for data analysis, as well as, records access


• Access archived patient information at the point directly from the EHR

• Organize patient information intuitively to enable easy search and retrieval

• Securely share archived documents with all clinicians across the enterprise


• Meet compliance requirements with immutable data, security, encryption, and audit trails

• Eliminate future migration costs by archiving data in a nonproprietary format

• Organize patient data for future data mining to support big data, analytics and population health efforts