Clincial Archives and Migrations

MICA Health is an industry leader in the archiving and migrating of clinical data for healthcare organizations — Electronic Medical Records, Practice Management, ECG devices, Laboratory Information Systems, PACS and the list goes on.  Our vendor neutral archive solution, CDR (Clinical Data Repository), is simple, economical and easy to administer.  Whether provisioned as a local appliance or hosted in our secure, compliant cloud, CDR provides a seamless solution that is easily accessible and user friendly.  If you are trying manage legacy information for the enterprise, MICA Health offers Enterprise Content Management systems offered in partnership with OpenText that can provide instant access to legacy content throughout the enterprise.   

Tailored for you:

We understand there are many reasons that drive the need for a data archiving solution; joining a healthcare system or group practice, physician retirement, or simply replacing your current EHR or PM system. We work with each client to determine the most efficient and effective solution that fits their needs.  Our options include:

  • Data Archiving services that safely extract a static view of the medical record. Typically, we extract all scanned images, and render encounter notes, flow sheets, and other client specific documents from the source system. We also include a patient summary document that lists active medications, problems, allergies, and immunizations.
  • Data Migration services that offer the advantage of incorporating legacy patient data into the new EHR system. A variety of methods can be employed to move either select data elements, or all data. 
  • Data Archive Hybrid services which offers the economical advantages of the Data Archive, with many of the advantages of the Data Migration option, by creating a Data Archive of your legacy data; as well as, export discrete data elements to be imported into your destination EMR including– demographics, medications, allergies, problem lists and immunizations.
  • Virtualization services which offer the client the ability to “moth-ball” a legacy system, without the challenge of maintaining aging hardware. In many cases, we can virtualize an entire EMR/PM system on to a laptop or desktop machine for use on an as needed basis.  We also offer secure cloud-based virtualization services for a wide variety of EMR and PM systems.

In addition to the creation of Archives, we can help with exports from legacy systems of patient appointments, insurance and referring provider dictionaries to name just a few of the services we have provided clients to ease the implementation of a new application. 

A listing of sources we have worked with: